Essential Add-On

Brand-Inspired Headphones

University Studio Project
Fall 2017
3 Weeks

RIMOWA is known for its iconic suitcases. This project aims to introduce a new product category that will add to the RIMOWA brand experience.

To design a pair of headphones following RIMOWA's brand identity.

Understanding the Brand

RIMOWA Heritage

Faithful to its philosophy, RIMOWA continues to focus its brand on innovation and premium materials for luxury travelers. It's important to note that its iconic groove design departs from the golden age of aviation, and it is a feature that has followed the brand aesthetics to this day.

Brand Positioning, Visual Attributes and Materials

Creating a Concept

"I spend a lot of time traveling, and I've always chosen RIMOWA suitcases because of their quality and style. It makes perfect sense to have RIMOWA headphones accompany on my lifetime of journeys. It feels great having them on the road with me knowing they are as durable and reliable as their suitcases."

— Virginia | Creative Director and Consultant in New York, 27 years-old, $120,000/yr.

Form Development

Essential Add-On
a new travel companion

Indoor/Outdoor Lighting

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